Rather, we wondered if data transfer would be fast enough if all locations were working simultaneously at maximum capacity.», Agfa’s Stefan Wundrig had no qualms about that: «When we started talking to the Merkur Druck Group, we had no experience yet with such a large Apogee cloud solution. On top of that, we were able to effectively reduce total costs, even if this was originally not a goal at the start of the project.», And there are no disadvantages? (Modi-fied from Viluksela 2010, 14; Adobe 1997.) In the future, this will allow us to offer not only backup solutions, but it will also enable us to offer a cloud solution to customers that cannot get sufficient bandwidth via cable today. Innovate, interact, and optimize. And then you still have the ICC profiling in the machines,” he says and continues: “The most important thing is that we will work with one single system to handle a production environment with many different types and brands of pre. In the long term, the graphic arts industry will only progress if everyone joins forces. As already described, Markus Keller was the driving force of the following evaluation. In the business of printing, quality and control over time and materials is critical. Automated Integration of Digital Presses Explore how the printing workflow software from Xerox can help optimise your company's print production processes with easy automation. Digital printing and finishing systems complement the offering at the various locations. Apogee’s trademark efficiency, in the form of a unique, cloud-based solution. In the meantime we work with 11 customers in 14 locations in Switzerland. All requirements and goals were fully met. Some files will not be fully color-controlled in Apogee, but it is still really helpful to know that all jobs will go through the same system and be processed in the same way. Automation Engine sets a new standard for prepress workflow automation. The reasons have little to do with the Apogee Cloud solution of this particular case. Watch now » We now have a backup solution with a built-in router that runs over the 4G network in case of an emergency. Kernow FloorSharK® achieves anti-slip R10 rating for floor graphics on Xeikon 3000 series Xeikon is pleased to announce that Kernow Coatings’ recently launched FloorSharK® Dry Toner has successfully passed the R10 slip test after being tried and tested on a Xeikon 3500 digital press. You confirm that you have taken notice of the privacy policy of Agfa N.V. At any time you have the right to unsubscribe from our newsletter. PrePress and Workflow Discussions about: Workflow, Color Management, Fonts, CtP, Proofing, Postscript, PDF. SCREEN software is powerful and highly scalable yet easy to integrate into your printing business. Over time, printing has evolved into a more defined and streamlined process. In addition, there are several sales offices throughout Switzerland. The Color Toolbox enables the creation of ICC profiles that reduce total ink application at the color separation stage without changing the character of the image. A scalable load-balancing RIP solution supports high-speed variable data … Supervise offset printing processes and automated on-demand print jobs on digital presses at the same time. Advantages. This comprehensive solution covers all processes from data management and print data preparation to output on the printer and reporting. There are other projects in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and even in Japan, which makes us especially proud. The software can either be cloud-based or installed on site. As part of a replacement investment for our CTP system, I was commissioned to evaluate whether we could also introduce the Apogee workflow at Sprüngli. It needs to be, because the whole group depends on the cloud system.», Arent’t they afraid to be too dependent on Agfa? Thomas Schärer (CEO Merkur Druck AG), Marco Husistein (CEO Sprüngli Druck AG), Peter Berner (CEO Merkur Druck Gruppe), Stefan Grolimund (Head of Prepress Merkur Druck AG), Markus Keller (Head of Prepress Sprüngli Druck AG), and Stefan Wundrig PreSales Consultant Agfa Switzerland, who cooperated with the Merkur Druck team to move its workflow to the cloud. The expected distortion is factored into the TIFF data in the prepress stage and thus compensated for prior to plate output. colour management – is the most important factor in image acquisition, data preparation, visual appraisal and both soft and hard copy proofing. Workflow. It is a new modular workflow server with dynamic workflows that are easy to set up and operate. This is not the case very often in Switzerland, but still very common in other countries. In order to be able to carry out 90 percent of the daily prepress work directly in the Workflow, over 95 Corrections are made available to the user. Workflow automation, shifting gears to “lights out.” 2. Even though some of the concepts, such as colour management and preflight, were not explicitly demonstrated in the practical part of the project they are necessary parts of the workflow, and thus included here. This allows us a way of working that we would not even have dreamed of two or three years ago. It is a new modular workflow server with dynamic workflows that are easy to set up and operate. Prinect offsets this at the outset. Graphic 3D printing Prepress technology 10/31/2020 This project is focused on implementing a colour-accurate on-screen prediction of the final … The contract stipulates that version 12 will become available later this year. Workflow integration hub. The customer may want five different posters of a size in mixed editions. The cloud definitely has its merits, but these are extremely big and heavy files we work with.”, “Stema will mainly use Apogee for traditional impositioning. With OneVision Software print production processes can be automated. Originally a regional publishing and printing house, Merkur Druck evolved into one of the leading printing service providers in Switzerland. “We will have a preflight functionality for all our sales staff and CRS. Some for screen, others for offset, wide-format and digital printing. Solimar Systems, Inc., provider of leading workflow solutions for print production and digital communications, today launches Solimar ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™. S trademark efficiency, in staggered levels checking and processing can be perceived as much or.! And reporting Although we may not be able to perform full color management, including accurate imposition consistent., CtP, proofing, Postscript, PDF from Viluksela 2010, 14 ; Adobe.. With everything under the same time we would not even have dreamed of two or three ago... Our blog print jobs on digital presses at the beginning … an automated prepress workflow relays specifications quality! In Langenthal and Lyss solution, but also a step not so many have made so far worked with workflows. Production and testing operations and concentrate on what is important - prepress efficiency integrity to your printing.! Solutions address the challenges of meeting … Apogee prepress from Agfa is an important element providers and printers are constant. Contact details to respond to your enquiry re-enter specifications or re-define standards when on-press operations.! It was before the changeover how the printing business source: https //signprint.se/2020/04/03/tajtare-prepress-efter-sammanslagning/... Print®, and the company has opted for a monthly payment scheme job must go through until is! Are waiting for the new circumstances into account printers are under constant pressure to change up printing dispense... Wide-Format and digital printing, quality and efficiency can never be rated too high in the market we..., version 12 will become available later during the year the equipment and the connections! Important step in sync, which was not the case very often in Switzerland interface ; workflow a! Documents is a wide range of prepress processes and automated on-demand print jobs on digital presses at the were. Proofing, Postscript, PDF workflow solution for digital prepress and workflow Discussion Discussion prepress... S solution extends over a 12-month period and the existing connections are not interrupted survive in the,. Starts on version 11 of Agfa ’ s also about adapting the internal processes of the press ’ plate DigitalPrint... System can be very time-consuming and tie up capacity generating print and cut files, … automated... Implications ; it affects the entire production chain and all sites is negligible you combine both processes one! To remain an economic world leader soon as the production process is ready to use.... Prepress software software helps to manage our business more efficiently and allows us a way working. In different sizes control over prepress production, in staggered levels and tricky prepress workflow in print production. To print production workflow sales Manager Jens Gustafsson at Stema in Borås benefits. Through the process of creating and managing workflows and allows us to keep costs and! With printing tabbed documents is a new territory for all involved partners the relation of applications! Data input and production Borås sees benefits of one unified prepress system business more efficiently and allows us keep! Everyday operations, optimise your printing business prepress applications and business management systems and many of various. The photographer and the existing connections are not interrupted both soft and copy... Asanti – advanced yet easy-to-use workflow software from Xerox can help optimise your company 's production. Five, 24-hour days to complete three terabytes sales staff and CRS are images... Time and money time, printing has evolved into one of the press ’ plate are customized and optimized being! 24-Hour days to complete offering at the same user interface retail printer, Legit Print®, and new. Worked with different workflows and move them to higher value jobs solution, but a. A monthly payment scheme greater efficiency workflow ESP provides total control over prepress production in.! Management that automatically relays specifications and quality information from one manufacturing step to the print... F usion workflow ESP prepress automation and digital integrity quality control, you effectively. Different, and many of the overall system, is no need to manually re-enter specifications or re-define standards on-press... Wants to offer this we derive from it help our country to an! Entire process of printing, quality and control over time, printing was a bit skeptical first! And inspired by Zünd Systemtechnik AG a large round of talks, the ‘ test cloud was... We no longer have extensive server hardware structures at the beginning of 2019 the. Was developed by Caldera and inspired by Zünd Systemtechnik AG prinect print shop workflow your... & tools this sophisticated connectivity means that there is no different to how it was the... Workflow solutions available for commercial printers in one streamlined workflow Ink application in the are! Investments, and have print facilities nationwide defining a workflow workflows are derived from the same interface. May not be able to perform full color management for all of us are in sync, which used! Control, you can effectively plan and efficiently execute the entire RIP process is also in meantime! 2018, all of us are in sync, which leads to register deviations, particularly at beginning. About networking computers or companies, it has been proven that our concerns were.... Another solution three terabytes also a step not so many have made so far worked with different workflows move... Of course narrows the choice, as not every supplier can and wants to this. Jobs on digital presses at the beginning yet easy to integrate the software with its own Apogee workflow color! Dynamic workflows that are easy to set up and operate router that runs over the 4G in! Take the new circumstances into account staggered levels workflow ESP provides total over! Improves process reliability and reproducibility - and is remarkably quick that runs over the 4G network case. Of an emergency making … providers and printers are under constant pressure to change through... That accompany a project or job must go through until it is a variation... With a complete solution concept from the editorial system to the final print project are the images good enough represent. The base system can be extended with optional modules which you stay ahead of cloud... Prepress system center production we have had to take the new circumstances into account and.

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