Find out if it belongs to someone who lives in the area and leave it free to shoot.

If you cannot find the owner, and the animal appears lost or suffering, request the intervention of the traffic police or the A.S.L.

Law 281/91 states that municipalities must intervene and prohibits suppressions.

It is convenient to ask, however, where the animal will be kept and to visit it in the following days.

Notify the associations for the defence of animals in the area and the shelters (kennels).

If it is a dog and has the microchip through a special reader, the volunteers of the kennel may be able to find the owner through the dog registry office.

If none of the above alternatives are possible, and the animal is injured, contact a vet.

If the owner has not been found, use newspaper and radio advertisements, put flyers in the area where you found him, in shops, at bus stops, etc.; check newspaper advertisements daily.

If you find the owner, make sure the dog is not mistreated.

What To Do If You See Someone Mistreating Dogs Or Other Animals

If you see someone mistreating a dog, come in person and ask for the intervention of the traffic police, carabinieri or zoo guards.

If you know of a dog or other animal kept in conditions that cause it suffering, talk to the owners and see if measures have been taken to improve the situation.

If the dialogue does not lead to any improvement, notify an animal welfare association and the police, police or traffic police: they have a duty to take action.

Article 727 of the Penal Code protects animals from suffering not only psychophysically but also ethologically: inappropriate detention methods, incorrect human behavior towards animals, use of animals for purposes contrary to their nature, are all sanctioned by the aforementioned article.

Fighting for the rights of animals does not mean ignoring human needs, but it means reaffirming the right of every living being to be respected.

You will often come across an objection such as “there are more important things to deal with”.

This is a false objection and, all things considered, an alibi for those who raise it, because in any case, whatever the problem we are dealing with, there is always a more “serious” and “important” one.

Those who think so often do not worry about “big” or “small” things, but think only of themselves.

The essential thing is not to let oneself be discouraged and to continue to strive to affirm the rights of every living being.

There is a lot of things we can do; that each one of us can do, only by trying to improve the world around us.

  • we can make a sad or lonely person smile;
  • we can make an unhappy dog wag its tail or we can make a cat purr;
  • we can give a little water to a withering plant.

We can’t solve all the problems in the world, but often we can do something to solve the problems in our own contact.