What to consider when choosing the food that will give your puppy the complete and balanced nutrition he needs to become a great dog. Doggolab’s large breed dog food picks.

Low-cost pet foods do not give your dog premium nutrition.

When your puppy feels good inside, it shows on the outside, and he proves it every day with energy and a shiny coat. There are a few signs that indicate if your dog is getting the most out of his food.

Where to buy

In pet shop give you expert advice on feeding your dog taking into account its age, breed size and intolerances.

Search for quality

Check the ingredient list to see what your dog’s food actually contains.

Look for the best value for money

To feed your dog high quality dry food follow the detailed instructions. From this data you can calculate the number of meals per kilo and the amount of rations per bag.
Make a comparison by taking into account what each meal costs. A 15kg bag of dry food may seem expensive, but it may allow you to feed your dog for two months.

Don’t change your dog’s food

With a complete and balanced meal your dog needs nothing else. If he has an upset stomach, it’s probably something he ate outside. It is not advisable to change your dog’s diet or supplement if your vet does not recommend it. As a reward or to play with, you can give your dog special treats.
Canned food can contain up to 80% water and should be consumed within a short time of opening. High quality dry food contains less than 10% water, is highly digestible, convenient and stays fresh for several weeks after opening.

How to read labels

It takes less than a minute to read a dog food label, but the information it reflects is essential to your buying decision.
The name of the food gives clues about how much of an ingredient is actually present. For example, foods that include a protein source in the product name, such as “Meat Formula,” must contain at least 25% of that ingredient.
The ingredient panel lists all food sources in the product in descending order. In the case of dry food, a key ingredient must be a high quality protein source, such as chicken or lamb.

The manufacturer’s phone number must be included. This shows that the company accepts feedback from its customers. All high quality products must be 100% guaranteed or your money back.

The label also recommends how much to feed your dog daily. Use these recommendations as a starting point for determining feeding amounts.