Growing up with a dog is a unique and unforgettable experience. A dog can teach a child many things and together they can grow up and have fun together. The natural prerequisite, however, should be a long set of rules that parents should give their children to live this experience to the best of their ability.

Too often children and dogs are left to play freely without any adult supervision. Too often children make unforgivable mistakes with dogs, and if the result is not a bite in 100% of the cases we owe it only to the boundless patience of some dogs. Here are 10 frequent mistakes:

Running And Screaming

Dogs have incredibly developed hearing, and some of them also have more developed predatory instincts than others. A small human running, screaming and wiggling looks a lot like prey for the dog. No matter how well-behaved they may be, many dogs could bite or chase a running screaming baby.

Pulling Ears Or Tail

We wouldn’t like it if someone pulled our ears or pulled our hair either, why should our dogs like it? A child who “tortures” a dog in this way has a high probability of being bitten. Even if the dog is just trying to defend itself, a well-adjusted bite from a small child could be fatal.

Surprise Them From Behind

Approaching a dog from behind can be very annoying. Not seeing him coming, the dog may be surprised by the arrival of the little one and have a disproportionate reaction. Teach your children to approach a dog sideways and calmly.

Stealing Food Or Toys

She comments on her own. Although many dogs do not have these problems, many others could defend the food resource literally with their teeth. It doesn’t matter that she’s never done this before. When in doubt, we teach our children never to disturb a dog while it’s eating.

Picking Up And Walking Small Dogs

Too often children consider small dogs or puppies as stuffed bears that can be beaten, squeezed and tortured with cuddles at will.

Apart from the fact that some small dogs like Yorkshire, for example, might bite and hurt as much as a 30 kg dog, this behaviour remains dangerous even for the safety of the dog. A puppy dropped from an average height could easily break a leg.

Approaching A Foreign Dog Without The Owner’s Permission

It is important to explain to your children that you cannot pet all dogs just because they are cute. Teach them to ask the dog owner’s permission to even approach them, and you will avoid unpleasant consequences. The owner knows his dog better than we do and knows how the dog will behave.

Tug Them Off The Leash

When a child is holding a leash he cannot resist the temptation to yank the dog left and right. He probably tries to imitate the behaviour of people he sees around town, and they should learn to behave with dogs themselves. It is not clear why, but teach him to respect the dog’s space and never tug him for any reason.

Awake Them

What’s the word? Don’t wake the sleeping dog. Nobody would like to be woken up by a child (very often unknown) who shouts in your face and puts his hands on your head. Why would our dogs like that? Apart from the natural need to sleep that all dogs have, the “way” in which they are woken could also make them nervous. Explain the concept of “RESPECT” to your children by taking the dog as an example.