Olivier Blanchard is an expert in online marketing, and on his website The Brand Builder blog he published a letter to his recently deceased dog some time ago. We translated for you 20 things that Sasha, a golden retriever, taught Olivier and that impressed us.

Be Yourself

There’s no reason to pretend to be what we’re not. A golden retriever is not a Chihuahua, a pug or a greyhound. Being at peace with yourself makes you 90% sure you’re happy. Not everyone is meant to be Rintintin or Lassie or a dog for the blind. It’s all the same. Find your nature and start there.

Being “Real” With The People We Love

Your friends, your family, your tribe, your pack. A life lived together with others is a life well lived. Aside from personal goals, ambitions often remain empty within them when you look only at your own gain. It’s one thing to want to be a “pack leader” at all costs, but don’t forget that it is just as dignified to make yourself available to someone else. If in doubt, reread point one.

Don’t Miss Opportunities

Never miss a good drive. One day we may regret not doing more things in our lives and we’ll realize when it’s too late to do them.


The “leashes” in life are the enemy. To be avoided at all costs.


People are weird. So much talent and ability, and they just sit there doing nothing. Or rather, they do everything they can to complicate life rather than simplify it. It’s just disconcerting.

The end

The end of everything is not pleasant very often, but if we face it with dignity and pride, no physical weakness will matter so much. Your heart, courage, strength of spirit: these are the things people will see and remember. This refers not only to the last days of your life, but to every day, even today. We cannot avoid adversity, but it is how we face it that makes all the difference.


Forgiveness is easier for a dog than for a human. We can take comfort in the fact that we can talk and have opposable thumbs. Small consolation.

Your Voice

Your bark is yours alone. No one has a bark like yours. Protect it. Love him. Use it.


Have faith in your instincts. They rarely make you wrong. You know that feeling in your stomach? No, that’s probably something you ate.


Just because we’re meant to walk doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a nice swim offshore. Let’s learn to be more daring. Let’s dive with all our shoes. We are made to exceed our limits.

Let’s Play More

What game it is irrelevant. Tips: exploring can mean playing. Going on an adventure is playing. Finding out what’s behind the hill is playing.

Young People Inside

Even if your body ages, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a puppy at heart. In truth, the body shouldn’t have an influence on how we feel inside, and if it does, let’s take a step back, refocus and start again. Always being a puppy in your heart is the goal.


People aren’t all bad. They’re not all good either. Choose carefully.


Always keep that 20% wolf in us. If you let him go, it’s over. A dog without a bit of healthy madness in his blood is no dog. He’s a robot. The beauty of a great dog lies not in his obedience but in his loyalty. Loyalty, however, is a choice.


Let’s not forget to run. Running in a huge field in the rain. That’s all you need.


There are no absolute mysteries in life. If we focus properly, we can solve almost anything. The world is not as complicated as it seems.

Biting Life

Sometimes in life you have to replace a growl with a bite. Go ahead. Some people take pleasure in testing your limits. With these snoops, a little education never hurts. As annoying as it is to have to resort to these methods is sometimes necessary. Your territory, your space, your safety – they’re worth defending. Show them once and for all what you are capable of, and if you are lucky you won’t have to show it anymore.


Being alone is not a good way to live. We’re social animals. Humans, dogs: same thing. We need each other.


When you chase a ball, you really PURSUE that ball, for two reasons: it’s a chase and you never do anything halfway. You give it your all. That’s important. In everything you do, you give it your all.


At the end of the race, you will retrace your adventures, battles, journeys, and all the strong feelings of your life with pride, but you will linger longer on the moments of calm in the company of the people you loved. The joy of those days, perhaps spent on the sofa with your head resting on their legs, caressed by a sunset: those are the memories that you will carry in your heart to the end and beyond.